The world of vishing - voice over IP phishing

The Voice over IP phishing scams are getting ever more imaginative. Last year I had to disconnect and ring the operator to break the connection to an overseas premium rate call when I accepted a reversed charges call after hearing a faint voice cry help, before the operator cut in. But a call today made my wife’s day. 

She picked up the phone and heard a disembodied voice telling her to press a key. When she listened, hoping to hear what the call was about she was told that was an “invalid response” and was invited to press a different key to speak to an operator.

Being told that simply answering the phone was an “invalid reponse” cheered her up no end.

She had always thought that many of those with whom I deal on a daily basis are totally out of touch with the real world of customer service, let alone the pressures of time-scarce multi-tasking between domestic and business time pressures.

Now she has the evidence.   

And I will never know if it was an imaginative scam or yet another piece of computer-assisted lunacy.

It takes a man to be stupid enough to press te key to find out. 


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