"The people have spoken - the bastards" (Dick Tuck 1966)

Sad about AV – I was outvoted two to one in my own household !!!! But thats democracy.  As for the rest – “Happy Conservatives, Happy SNP. Happy Yorks, Lancs and Welsh Labour Parties – everyone else Sad – especially the BNP.” An alternative view is that the UK is returning to its tribal splits – Celts versus Anglo-Saxons and Normans/Norsemen.
More serious for those in the IT industry is the effect of the Conservative local government “triumph” on the future of outsource suppliers, both those defending existing contracts and those hoping for new ones. Hence the importance of the planned EURIM study on the reform of public sector planning and procurement processes – so as to support good practice in incremental programmes to deliver more for less, including in partnership with local voluntary groups, partnerships and mutuals (in line with “Small State – Big Society” ideals). 

I hope to be able to make time to blog some more on this next week-end but now it is back to trying to clear my desk before another week of meetings to try to agree well resourced action plans now that the political dust has cleared.