The Twelve Scams of Christmas

At a meeting of the steering committee of the Information Security Awareness Forum on tuesday I suggested we do a note on the Twelve Scams of Christmas and what to do about them. Below is the collective wisdom to date.

Twelve Phishers phishing
Eleven Spammers spamming
Ten Bots a’ herding
Nine Virus writers coding
Eight Snoopers snooping
Seven Worms a’ spreading
Six Crackers cracking
Five Tro-jan Horses
Four Logic bombs
Three Software patches
Two Denials of Service
And a hacker at your back door!

I will not name and shame the authors of the draft but thought it worthy of a wider audience – rather than wait on perfection – comments welcome – especially regarding additional links on how to address the scams. The links given are to Get Safe Online.

Do visit the ISAF website, especially the blog, for updates as the feedback comes in.  

Next challenge is the Christmas carols.

While shepherds watched their bots by night …


P.S.  Thank you to Dan Mount for suggesting “Ten Key Trackers Tracking”


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