Should Sony sue Amazon under the law of Tort?

Would a test case between Sony and Amazon on whether the later is at fault for allowing its cloud services to be used to batter down the Sony security defences do more to sort out our rights and responsibilities in the on-line world than a decade of debate and discussion?

Or would it merely add layers of legal obfuscation and further get in the way of allowing our system engineers to sort the systemic weaknesses in the governance of Internet addressing that enable such attacks – whether using by botnets or clouds?  

Either way the allegations in the Register this morning add weight to the theme in my blog yesterday – that regulators and legislators bring little, if anything, to the table when it comes to sorting out the problems we face. 

P.S. What is the difference between and botnet and cloud?

Answers no longer than a tweet please.   

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I have a cloud, you have a botnet, your country has a cyberterrorist force.