Phished while waiting for the delivery of your on-line orders?

The holiday season is busy for everyone including criminals. Here are some of the holiday attacks that E-Victims.Org have been seeing:


Gadget Gotcha – Are you looking for a great bargain on PS3, MP3 players, latest phones, digital camera or laptop? Criminals always have the best deals! Don’t be fooled by a great offer via email, tweet, website or even mobile phone. Use a well known retailer even if you have to pay extra – think of it as insurance.

Movie Mischief – the latest news on the Xmas block busters always attract criminals. They put up fake sites offering movie downloads and hot rumours to get you to click on their links. It is the latest – the latest version of malware.

Dodgy delivery – You get an email saying “We tried to deliver your package, but were unable to reach you. Please click here to rearrange your delivery” The link delivers something – malware.

HO HO HO – Friends love share jokes, pictures and videos. Don’t assume because they come from your friends it is safe to click. Scammers may compromise your friends account and send out phishing emails that says “see Rudolph hit Santa with a snowball” or “see Santa’s sexy helpers” to everyone in your friend’s address book. Look out for messages like this via your social networks as well!

E-cards Eek! You’ve got a holiday e-card or at least a spam email that invites you to click a link to an e-card. When you go to read your e-card it may ask you to download a reader -don’t do it! It will be malware which may send the same message to everyone in your address book. If you really think the e-card is real – just double check with your friend first to make sure they sent you one – before you click the link.

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