Ofcom launches consultation on UK Business Broadband Market

The very title “Business Connectivity Market Review” of the consultation announced by Ofcom today, is measured and the wording and questions are in convoluted “regulator speak” but this is the opportunity to make your views known. It is, perhaps more importantly, the opportunity for you to work with your peers, your suppliers, your customers, your chamber of commerce and your trade association to make your collective views known and help blow apart the current morass of misinformation as to what is happening in UK business telecommunications, not just broadband, markets – both demand and supply.

Of course you should answer the questions asked, with all the evidence you can yourself give, but you should use the opportunity to answer the questions that are not asked and to copy your answers, together with a succinct summary, to your Local Councillor, Member of Parliament and Local Newspaper at the same time.

Welcome though this review is, you should not allow it to be used by as an excuse to postpone debate on the need for action to open up the UK Business Broadband market until after the date for final submissions 27th May, i.e. after the Local government and European Elections and after decisions on the next tranche of BDUK funding. You and your peers should use this review as the starting gun for a stampede to trample under foot as those who stand in the way of giving your business, your local business park and your local business community the connectivity needed to survive, let alone thrive, in the on line world.