Making the user voice heard

Last night was the annual Computer Weekly 500 reception with EURIM, hosted by the Earl of Erroll. The Cholmondeley Room and House of Lords Terrace were even more packed than in previous years – with the happy hum of intense lobbying.

But it is only once a year that users, en masse, get to meet with officials and policymakers .By contrast, the suppliers are lobbying almost every day.

I began this blog with a posting headed “The silent majority gets what it deserves, ignored“.

That remains all too true.

I learned a great deal last night, including that the Citizens Advice Bureaux are by no means the only cash-strapped “third sector” organisation that has long followed much better security practice than significant parts of the public sector and high street names.

My apologies to those who I did not get round to speaking with.

My prime task last night was to introduce those who had never met but needed to – and it was good to see that I got so many of those right. I look forward to seeing some formidable policy pincer movements emerging over the next couple of months – and it wasn’t me – honestly – I just introduced them and left them to it.

Last night was the Computer Weekly 500 Club and EURIM doing what they do best but I remind those who are not members of either that they can and should make their views known via professional bodies like BCS, IET and IMIS or Trade Associations like Intellect and that EURIM does have an individual membership routine. You will find details on the website.