Is Digititis still a greater threat to the on-line world than cyberattack?

For all the spend on cybersecurity, it appears that cockup (as with the recent Time Warner down time) still causes more chaos over the Internet that does criminal conspiracy (as with the recent attacks on JP Morgan and others). Meanwhile advertising (and tracking) bloatware can negate the benefits of moving from 7 megs to 70 megs on – especially when it spends it time “negotiating” with your security software – without giving you any say over what is blocked and what is not.   

I am currently helping the Digital Policy Alliance with the invitation lists for an event on 12th September to help “round out” responses to the latest round of consultations on Communications Infrastructure Policy. But one starts involving users, whether business or consumer, it quickly becomes apparent that nominal line speed is just one of the factors that need to be addressed if the objective is services that are fit for purpose. One of the shockers I learned earleir this week was the difference between the time it took to install global connectivity to a third world construction site (whether or not it there are landlines in the area) with providing local connectivity to a similar site between two UK city centres. I am hoping that the UK company which provides the relevant technologies will provide me with a note on the reason why and what should be done if we are serious about reforming the way our sclerotic regulatory and planning systems get in the way of overhauling the UK’s economic infrastructure after over a decade of neglect.       

It is also apparent that any consideration of future infrastructure policy has to consider the security of that infrastructure – from cockup and digititis. not just cyberattack.