Give us the tools and we can win the WAR

The scale of the arrests in the UK and the US in the recent global operation against those using the Zeus virus to loot the bank accounts of small firms using on-line banking illustrates what can be done when law enforcement gets its act together.

There are said to be dozens more cases in the pipeline while there are only the resources to investigate a couple at a time. Perhaps more worrying is that small firms in the US are being told that their banks will not refund losses caused by security compromise on their systems.

The US had to act to prevent a melt-down in the drive to on-line banking.


This is one area where US and UK legislation are different. Long may they remain so. In the mean if HMG is serious about gettimg more for less – then resources for UK law enforcement to mount its end of similar operations is likely to have a more rapid payback than many of the other, rather more expensive,  cybersecurity projects currnetly being reviewed.  

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