From Lone Voice to Chorus - Product Placement

It is just over a year since my blog on the DCMS consultation to outlaw product placement. I was appalled at the complacency of the UK ICT and Content industries and its lobbyists in the face of  another EU attempt to outlaw the future and drive our creative industries across the Atlantic but was a lone voice. I was therefore delighted at the new Minister’s U-turn yesterday

What a pity it took so long for common sense to take root.

I look forward to a burgeoning of innovative content over the Internet as well – not just YouTube promotions but a kaleidoscope of material:

– from “short stories” set in the producer’s favourite pub in return for free drinks and meals for the cast and crew

– through “docudramas” sponsored by the local tourist board

– to the merger of advertorial and story line in material that grabs and entrances mind and brain – as well as building good will and future sales for the products and services featured    

I often hear professionals lamenting that no-one loves them – and why could their “cause” not be the basis for a plot line in the Archers or East Enders?

The consultation excludes the BBC but now is your opportunity to respond with a view to helping fund the cybersecurity plot line in “The Bill”, the cybercafe in the “Rover’s Return” or the romantic comedy built around named on-line dating and booking services

– as opposed to being stuck with US funded content, promoting products and services not available this side of the Atlantic other than at premium price.