Fostering co-opetition in delivering more for less

Roger Marshall, sometime President of SOCITM, until recently CIO for the Corporation of London and now “neutral” industry Chair of the Information Society Alliance Public Service Delivery Group has just written a strong comment piece for Computer Weekly on how to turn crisis into opportunity. The good news is that scale of the challenge has brought about a new spirit of co-operation among those believe in the traditional values of public service. But those who wish to shorten the moratorium need support from a critical mass of suppliers who wish to be in business next year, competing to make money from delivering value for money over time, 


P.S. My comments yesterday on those planning to mount rear-guard actions worthy of the British Army retreating on Corrunna or Dunkirk triggered a comment at lunchtime today that I should also remember Torres Vedras . There do indeed appear to be those ready and willing to fight until such time as there is nothing left to pay more than their own redundancy and the fees of their legal allies. Hence also my recent comments on cutting the cost of cutting and the need to look at alternative disputes resolution as part of the reform package.