Ed Milliband adopts the first plank of my NRDP Manifesto

According to the Guardian, the first plank in Ed Milliband’s speach to their  Hugo Young lecture this evening will be “People should own data about themselves, We should change the assumption that information on people’s interaction with the state is owned by the state. Instead there should be an assumption that such data is owned by and accessible to the parents, patients and those who use the public services who it is about”.

I concluded my recent blog entry on the EU welcome for President Obama’s latest Presidential Directive and the European Manifesto of the “National Restore Democracy Party” with: 

“That we each own our personal information (from DNS and Biometrics to transaction profiles) and all who presume to collect, copy, collate or use that information owe us a duty of care.”

I look forward to the adoption of this principle by all political parties and, more importantly, the implementation of policies based on it – covering the private as well as public sectors.  

I also look forward to seeing squadrons of pigs flying past my window in close formation – but first steps first.

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I should perhaps have added a proviso. If my son had thought I had access to his Facebook information, let alone "owned" it we would have had a revolution.