Drowning in Data Leaks v. Death by Data Protection

What is good practice in information governance? I have blogged before on the Information Society Alliance competition for 3 minute multi-media clips to explain the principles to the ulitmate in rich, time poor audiences. The deadline for entries is March 1st. The judges include wickedly IT literate candidates from the main parties as well as representatives from some of the main employers of multi-media talent – not just the usual paranoid privacy wonks.

The task is not just to explain why the subject is both important and difficult and what needs to be done, but to explain it to the Class of 2010, the new intake of MPs who will bring about the biggest change in British Politics since 1945 – whether or not their party leaders like it.

The intention is send links to the winning entry to all candidates after an awards ceremony in Parliament on 22nd March and to make all entries available to the newly elected MPs after the General Election.

This is the opportunity to make a big splash by throwing the rocks of your creativity into the stagnant pond of worthy debate.

P.S. The winners also get exposure to potential employers and prizes of cash and equipment donated by CISCO, EADS and Logica.