Democracy Won - but it was close run : we still need action on election fraud

The nail-biting climax to the London Mayoral Election with ballot boxes of postal votes supposedly emerging from storage cupboards at the last moment indicates that something is very rotten with the state of electoral conduct in the UK. Democracy is a precious gift and it does not come cheap. Once lost it has to be bought back with blood, not just lucre.

As part of the audit of what happened we need a full analysis of how the postal voting system operated, included a comparison of how the registers used compare to other sources of information as to who actually lives where. The electoral register is one of the main start points, alongside Passports and Driving Licenses, for the creation of false identities, not just the impersonation of genuine ones. These cost the UK £billions in fraud. Therefore The investigation should not be carried out by the Electoral Commission but resourced as part of the ID Crime Action Plan that is supposedly part of Fighting Fraud Together and paid for from the £325 billion that has been allocated for fighting benefit fraud. The cost will almost certainly be recovered inside a year from the drop in benefit claims from those who no longer reside in the UK, if they ever did or even existed.

The results should, however, be used to not only cleanse the existing electoral registers but to end the postal voting farce that makes a mockery of one man one vote as well as prpviding a start point for fraud and corruption.

Instead we should look at some of the many means of enabling those unable to go to the right polling booth on the right days to cast a secret ballot at a different time or place: from “mobile polling stations” visiting nursing homes to polling stations in Army Bases or on Board Ship 

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