A reply to Adrian Bridgewater - why is it called cloud computing?

It is called “Cloud computing” because it is such a nebulous concept. It is the current state of on-line computer service bureaux offerings. But those offerings cover a wide range of services, including performance levels and guarantees, security, resilience, regulatory (un)certainty, “vulnerability” to monitoring/access: for the maze of swampy pools, secret tracks, quicksands and secret islands that lie beneath the “fog over grimpen mire“. That does not mean that Cloud Services do not provide value for money. But you do need to be clear what you are paying for and what you are getting. This morning I agreed to help a highly regulated industry to produce a practitioners guide to Cloud Computing. I should add that I am not going to help draft it. I am going to ask the members of the Information Society Alliance (EURIM) to do that. I suspect that some of them (who already provide Cloud Services) will leap at the opportunity. I have also suggested that they contact Miranda Mowbray – who so brilliantly summarised what lies beneath the fog. .. I will then leave them to get on with it – oh the joys of retirement.