A local digital exchange in every market town?

Yestrday I posed the question of how the UK moves from a mish mash of semi-incompatible pre-internet fixed and mobile communications networks to a seamless mesh. fit for the post-Internet age, when everything is interconnected.

This morning I received a rather good  answer, sent from a smart-phone at 0.1 mbps from a not-spot in the middle of an area supposedly well served by current fixed and mobile opeators. The suggestion was to bring the centuries old tradition of the market town alongside the modern concepts of carrier neutral data centres and internet peering centres and create a network of  “Local Digital Exchanges”. These would provide local digital operations with access to a full range of connectivity products, whether or not these are part of the offering of the dominant local communications service provider(s).

I look forward to more details when the proposer an get better on-line access but this suggestion could help kick-start the inter-operablity to which all pay lip service, while seeking to insert their own lock-ins. 

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Brilliant idea, hope they expand on it and hope someone in authority listens! Every area needs a parish pump, open access fibre to build new and better networks. Every area needs datacentres, to keep traffic local whenever possible. The UK needs a fit for purpose infrastructure, and to stop pratting about protecting an obsolete phone network that was never designed for what we are expecting it to provide. Just like the canals had to give way to the railways, now is the time for copper to give way to fibre, and not be fooled into thinking the current offering is 'fibre broadband' because if it comes down a phone line then it isn't.