Today is Ada Lovelace day and an anniversary for FDM

Today is Ada Lovelace – a day to celebrate the first computer programmer (who just so happened to be a female, by the way!) – and it is also a day for FDM to celebrate a one year anniversary for its Women in IT Campaign.


English: A color woodcut-style portrait of Ada...

Ada Lovelace (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Since launching the campaign FDM claims to have seen an increase in female staff. For example female office-based staff has risen from 37% in January to 49% in October.

The number of female consultants out in the field has gone up to 18% in October from 13% in January. As a whole FDM has 23% of employees that are female. The industry average currently stands at 14.4%.

Part of the campaign includes FDM’s Female Champion initiative, which enables women at the company to have a mentor, if they wish.  FDM now has 17 Female Champions based in the UK, Frankfurt, US and Hong Kong.


You can find more information about the campaign here.


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