Mortimer Spinks and Computer Weekly unveil Women in Technology Survey

Mortimer Spinks and Computer Weekly are pleased to announce the launch of its Women in Technology Survey 2014.


Now in its third year the 2014 survey asks:


– Does the Technology Industry need re-branding?

– Is the media coverage of Women in Technology doing more damage than good?

– How effective can mentoring schemes really be for career progression?


Last year the survey revealed both men and women agree to being happy with a career in technology and being offered equal opportunities, but women are lacking self-belief.


The survey revealed that men and women feel there no is longer is a major difference in career happiness and opportunities for promotion, regardless of maternity leave or career breaks.  95% of women said they are happy with their careers in technology, exactly the same number as men.


You can take part in the 2014 survey here.

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