More than a quarter of women working in IT are ICT managers

Recent figures released by E-Skills UK compared how many men compared to women are doing different jobs within IT and telecoms.

Interestingly, there are no female lines repairers and cable jointers. The only job titles with more women than men to its name are database assistant and clerk.

See below:

Job title Male Female
ICT managers 246,000 49,000
IT strategy & planning professionals 124,000 14,000
Software professionals 293,000 41,000
IT operations technicians 99,000 21,000
IT user support technicians 50,000 18,000
Database assistants & clerks 22,000 40,000
Telecommunications engineers 43,000 1,000
Lines repairers and cable jointers 11,000 0
Computer engineers 36,000 4,000
Total 925,000 188,000


Overall, the numbers show 925,000 men to 188,000 women working in IT – only 17%.

Rather than reignite the well-voiced concern over the lack of women in IT, what these stats also show is that, of the women working in IT, more than a quarter (26%) are ICT managers.

Also, 22% are software professionals.