Living in the future (Lesley Gavin, W-Tech)

w-tech.gifOops. Overloaded my laptop, so crashed for the start of this session. (And thanks to forgetting to build in a lunch hour, getting a bit of a sugar-low crash in my own system too! Must rectify that after this session.)

Few notes though from what was said:

As technology advances, there will often be a social backlash aginst it (e.g. think of the athlete with artificial leg banned from competing as the technology of the prosthetic might have given him an unfair advantage).

Ironically, though, there’s often less of a backlash against technology that’s viewed as being for the purpose healthcare.

Evolution designs for efficiency in nature – so should we in technology!

Ageing population will bring about different needs and culture.


Q: What skills should adults and children be developing for the future?

A: Being able to evangelise; being able to understand and translate tech talk; translating it into business models. But essentially, science, and communication. Cultural trends are moving towards greater specialism in skills, but also a greater level of interlinking between disciplines, so the need to be able to communicate across disciplines is increasingly essential.

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