Least surprising story of the day: 50 top web entrepreneurs, one woman

It’s pretty predictable really – another list of top young web entrepreneurs, another list of nearly all male faces. I have no answers as to why this continues to be the case, only the following questions:

1. What makes a good entrepreneur?
2. Do women lack one of the qualities it takes?
3. If they do, then why, and how can this be tackled?
4. Do you have to be obsessed with being rich, or does something else motivate people?
5. Can we set up a female entrepreneur school please, run by Margaret from The Apprentice?

I know there really are a lot of successful female web entrepreneurs – I seem to constantly hear about them, so why do they not make these lists? Is it the fault of the people compiling these lists for looking at all the usual suspects, or are they just reflecting how things are? I am torn between getting annoyed and being baffled – I know it’s going to take years to make all areas of business more equal, but I wouldn’t even know how to go about tackling this particular area. It’s one where a particular amount of confidence and drive is needed: how do you instil that in young women?

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It's true that women doesn't have what it takes to be as successful as men, purely because we don't know how to brag – we're just too modest.

We try to prove ourselves with late nights at the office (alone), whereas our male counterparts prove themselves at the pub (with the Boss). They brag about anything and everything, even if it's something as stupid as making a staple go through a thick stack of papers. We would just naturally divide it and staple them separately – job done, let's move on – there's still plenty to do while at work and after work, there's plenty to do at home.

From boyhood, men are taught to become the leader of the pack by bragging about nonsense and if that doesn't work – exaggerate. Are girls taught to do that? Hell no. Well, at least not where I come from.

Want to see more females at the top of the lists? Then talk about how brilliant you are (because you are) and those people who compile the lists, might just take note of you.

I'm a developer at my company. I write the back-end code for our brand new website. (Since I didn't know the php language, I had to buy a book and learn it on the go. Now I'm also in charge of the front-end, including the blog.) I've written java code which interfaces with well-known service management APIs and databases. (Again, no training. Just paged through the documentation and started with the design.) Between all of this, I'm helping the Marketing guys deliver their e-newsletters on time and lately, I find myself correcting their copy. (Oh and did I mention that English is not my first language?) I do the graphics for anything that needs graphics, if the Receptionist is ill – I answer the phones, I do market research for Marketing, analytics for Sales, set up laptops for newcomers and oh yes, I do all of this on a part-time basis, because I'm a full-time IT student.

Did I go to the pub on Friday evening to gloat about my brilliance? No, I was too tired and still needed to study for an exam. When they asked me on Tuesday how it went, I merely said that it went fine. For some reason I didn't think that it was worth mentioning that I got 90.2%. Why? I had work to do and besides, who brags about test scores? Oh yes, that's right - men!

And now I have to wrap this up before my dinner burns. I'm just too busy to be that shallow, so you'll probably never see me on top of any list. (This is what's wrong with us!)