Know someone with good advice? No Country for Young Women connects the generations

No Country for Young Women is an exciting new project from freelance film maker Elena Rossini, an Italian who is also behind the documentary-in-development (and popular Twitter feed) The Illusionists.
Elena is turning her attention from notions of female beauty (which The Illusionists tackles) to how women are treated at work. She hopes to connect younger women with older – the older women will be interviewed about their experiences and what they’ve learnt about coping with discriminatory workplaces, while the younger ones (those in their teens and twenties) will be asked to describe how they’ve found it so far.
Elena says she wanted her next project to focus on women in the workplace after her research led her to all kinds of stories of harassment, discrimination or alienation. She says, “It really bothers me to see a wage gap, and it’s mostly men in the top spots of everything from academia to the corporate world. It’s seen as normal now.”
The website – which is still being built – will eventually hold all kinds of resources including links to articles on women succeeding in male-dominated fields, both filmed and written interviews, and anonymous essays. Elena hopes to bridge the gap between younger and older women and open up conversations.
“The ultimate aim is to provide inspiration and provide a space for these issues. It’s a positive thing, despite the negative topic,” she says.
Elena will be interviewing women on film and via email, including those working in technology. “I hear a lot from people in technology how most conference speakers are male, so interviewing women from the technology field is definitely one of our objectives.” If you know any female technologists who have advice for younger women starting out in the field, let us know. Keep visiting the site as it’s developing – Elena hopes to have around 20 interviews up by the end of the year, and it will grow from there.