Great blogs and resources for women working in technology

We’ve decided to link to and promote a few women in technology sites, because there’s so much great writing around that it’s worth doing. We’ll put everything on a blog roll as soon as we can, but for now here are the sites we like and why. We’re also looking for further suggestions, so let us know if you think we’ve missed anyone.
-First up is Bitchbuzz, founded by Cate Sevilla. Technology is just one aspect of what’s covered, but Cate’s passionate beliefs on the need for more women in tech makes it worth reading from an IT point of view. There’s also plenty of gadget reviews.
–Silicon Stilettos organises get-togethers, publishes blogs and provides a social networking service for women in tech. At the hub of it all is Zuzanna Pasierbinska-Wilson, also of fame. Why did she set it all up? According to her profile, it’s, “Because I am fed up with rooms full of men.” Enough said.
Women Who Tech organises summits and discussions and provides masses of resources on its site for women involved in the industry. Its founder Allyson Kapin can also be found over at the Rad Campaign, where she blogs about the latest trends in technology and online marketing and how it impacts non-profit organizations.
– has writers tackling anything and everything on its site, but you can go straight to the technology and web section. There’s such a wealth of material it can look a bit daunting at first, but it’s easily navigable and contains lots of useful posts.
Sarah Lacy, a technology journalist for Business Week and Tech Crunch, may have seen her fair share of controversy, but that just makes her all the more interesting. She’s a successful author and a big name in the start-up scene.
-The Girl Geek Dinners continue to grow in popularity and influence, and their blog feed encompasses just about everything related to women in technology. Although I personally find the white-on-black hard to read!
Women 2.0 is specifically for female entrepreneurs, launched after the Silicon Valley-based founders turned up to a few local networking events and found hardly any women. It runs informative events and although they’re all, naturally enough, in the US the site is still worth a look if you’re based elsewhere.
The Next Women is certainly ambitious – it aims to be the female Business Week, the female Tech Crunch and the business Red magazine. It focuses on businesses founded by women, provides news on technology from a female angle, and interviews with “female business heroes”.
Girls ‘n’ Gadgets covers web and technology news and reviews, while Inma Martinez and Penelope Trunk are both business focused and great writers.
–Ciara Byrne is a software developer turned technology entrepreneur – who doesn’t have a concrete business idea yet. She’s charting her move from employee to CEO, and her account is interesting and entertaining.
-Josie Fraser is a social and educational technology consultant with lots of interesting opinions on her blog SocialTech
-And Suw Charman-Anderson is another social technology expert. She blogs in her own right and runs the brilliant Ada Lovelace day, which aims to increase awareness of successful women in tech.

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"The Next Women, Business Magazine (and events) for Female Internet Heroes."

Founder, entrepreneur, CEO: Simone Brummelhuis.

This is a great list for non-technical women. I wonder, where are all the sites for technical women working in technology? The software engineers, the chip designers, the IT pros?

Women are certainly under-represented among tech writers, designers, and entrepreneurs, but it's even worse in technical subject areas. Maybe our constituency is too small.

Hi all.

Thought I'd draw your attention to the project that's been running since 2008. I'm Mez, the founding editor *waves hullo*. I'm a gal who's theory tackling all things synthetic-related and encouraging peeps in establishing principles via which to interpret "reality". We're always looking for potential contributors here at augmentology: please get in contact if you'd like to contribute.




Thanks for the feedback. very helpful. We'll look at finding some sites and blogs that are helpful for more technical jobs. Sarah Blow, who founded Girl Geek dinners, is a developer (i think...sorry if I've got your job title wrong Sarah) so the Geek girl blogs may be a good place to start. Otherwise we'll post some here as soon as we can!

I run (thanks for your coverage of W-Tech, I'm really glad you found it useful!) We've recently launched our blog:, to talk about issues concerning women in IT and to share our white papers, research and news. Feedback and comments are very gratefully received so please take a look! We are adding to our blogroll all the time so will definitely be taking a look at some of the ones you mentioned above.

Hi - great to see these links gathered together in one place.

We run a blog where once a fortnight a different guest blogger (always a woman) writes about her life and times. All the bloggers are in science/engineering/technology/the built environment: