GoDaddy teams up with Anita Borg Institute

Small business service provider GoDaddy has teamed up with the Anita Borg Institute (ABI) to expand the awareness of women’s contribution to the tech sector and to encourage more participation in the industry.  

ABI is a nonprofit organisation founded by Anita Borg, a computer-scientist who pushed for women to break the “silicon ceiling.”

One-third of GoDaddy’s top leadership is female including board member Betsy Rafael, chief technology officer Elissa Murphy, chief marketing officer Barb Rechterman, chief communications officer Karen Tillman and general counsel Nima Kelly.

Elissa Murphy, chief technology officer at GoDaddy, said: “There are young girls out there right now, who remind me of myself growing up, girls who are captivated by technology and how it can be so absolutely transformative.”

These young women are the technologists of tomorrow, and they benefit from the nurturing and networking the Anita Borg Institute provides.”

GoDaddy chief executive Blake Irving started the GoDaddy women in technology network. Irving is also involved with the Society of Women Engineers and the Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing.

ABI president Telle Whitney said: “We’re impressed with GoDaddy’s commitment to transformation and women in technology. There is a wealth of research demonstrating that more diversity and greater representation of women in the workforce improves business performance and innovation.

“GoDaddy is clearly invested in diversity and driving opportunities for women in technology.”

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