Gender shouldn't come into it - but women do make the best bosses

Women are best are being the boss, a survey has found. But it also says gender shouldn’t make a difference. So what was the point of the study?

HR consultancy,, conducted a survey to discover differences in attitude people have towards female and male colleagues.

It found 38% of 1,182 people surveyed believe women make better bosses than men. 33% said it is irrelevant what gender a boss is while 29% thought men were better bosses.

While women did come out on top as being the bossiest best bosses, it’s worth noting that all the percentages are pretty equal. Some people thought men were better than women at being boss but that, most likely, comes down to experiences of personalities rather than gender.

Georgina Read, co-founder of, goes as far to say, “Gender shouldn’t make a difference when it comes to management roles. You would hope that now we are in 21st century, equality would just be a given. I don’t think gender plays a role at all in whether a person has the ability to be in a management position.”

The question remains: is the IT industry making gender equality an issue by publishing so many stats comparing men and women working in technology?