Does East London Tech City need an army of stay-at-home mums?

At a roundtable discussion yesterday hosted by Adecco Group, recruitment and IT industry experts were talking about how to unleash the British workforce’s potential using technology – as well as how to attract the younger generation into IT careers.

Discussion soon turned to the lack of competitive entrepreneurship in the UK compared to Silicon Valley.

However, Collette Lux, director of marketing from E-skills, observed that a lot of recent start-up businesses in the UK seem to set up by women on maternity leave or by stay-at-home mums.

Other attendees noted that every person they knew who had set up their own business recently was a woman.

Considering all the talk about how businesses can support women with families and whether companies can offer the flexible working hours needed, it’s interesting that, potentially, women are bypassing large organisations to set-up shop on their own.

Collette added that rather than a nation of shopkeepers, perhaps we’ll slowly become a nation of start-ups.

David Clubbs, managing director at Office Angels, agreed that there is potentially an “untapped market” of working mums who could change social norms by working through online portals rather than in office-based roles.

Are these observations echoed in tech start-ups too?

Will stay-at-home / working mums form the foundation of the East London tech city?

I’d be interested to hear any thoughts or stats on number of women launching start-up tech businesses.