Cyber security least likely place to see women employees

Cyber security is the least likely segment to employ women, within the IT and telecoms sector, according to figures from training company QA.


The company has revealed that in 2012 only 6.2% of the 2500 people trained by QA in cyber security were women.


To makes things worse this figured was down 19.5% when compared to figures from the previous year.However, the amount of men training in cyber security rose 118% between 2011 and 2012.


Bill Walker, QA’s Technical Director and cyber security expert, said: “It’s unclear why women are so under-represented in such an important and fast-growing part of Britain’s IT economy.  Various theories abound – from gender stereotyping to teaching the wrong kind of technology, such as office IT instead of more relevant computer science skills.”


“Despite the huge rise in men taking cyber security training over the past year, Britain is still falling short of the number of people needed to plug the skills gap identified by the NAO. It needs to be easier, more affordable and more appealing to women, in order for them to enter this vital segment of the IT economy.”


(ISC)2  Women in Security mentoring scheme

To encourage more women into the arena (ISC)2  Women in Security will be unveiling its new mentoring scheme in July.


Hosted by Ernst&Young, the group will be holding an invitation only event, near London Bridge, to announce their scheme.


Attendees will have the chance to enroll in the WiS Mentoring Scheme as a mentor or mentee, or both.


For enquires about this free event or to request an invitation you can contact them at: [email protected]


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