Change won't come until men are family oriented

This video looks at issues affecting women in all areas of the workforce, with plenty of relevance to those working in technology and the corporate IT world. It’s an interview with Rosabeth Moss Kanter, a professor at Harvard Business School. She’s one of the world’s leading authorities on business leadership and her comments are interesting.
She says that lots of discrimination in the workplace goes on behind the scenes nowadays, and is always informal. So when managers are discussing who to promote, they’ll say things like “she’s good but we don’t want to take her away from her family.” Despite the fact that most women and men increasingly want jobs that are easier to juggle with family life, many of the most senior positions continue to be “greedy and demanding” in their nature, Professor Kanter says.
She adds, “Right now there are a lot of people who would rather have women in leadership roles, because they believe that many men messed it up. But there’s still this lingering feeling that women are going to be torn because of their families. That’s subtly in the minds of some men. Until we have the generation of men that is just as family and leisure oriented, I think we won’t get as much change as we would like.”
She also says she wants women to become more authoritative. “One of the last bastions is that women don’t always have the same stature as thought leaders as men do. If we consider women’s voices to be wise, that will show young women that they have a responsibility and obligation to use their talents and use their degrees in the most productive way they can.”