Cate Sevilla, Bitchbuzz founder, joins the WITsend team

We’re very excited to have Cate Sevilla join us as our new guest blogger. Cate is the founder and editor of Bitchbuzz, a women’s lifestyle blog network that encompasses technology and what it means to be a woman in the industry.
She knows what it’s like to run a business of her own that uses and depends on technology, and how it feels to go to a hundred male-dominated networking events in a row. She’s passionate about the importance of increasing the number of women in technology, and this – plus her entertaining writing – is why we’re pleased she’s joining us.
Cate is originally from California but now lives in London, giving her an unusual perspective on everything from the US versus the UK start-up scenes to the constantly disappointing British weather. We’re looking forward to seeing what she’s got to say.