Carol and the f-bomb

Carol Bartz, the cannot-really-now-be-classed-as-new CEO at Yahoo! caused a few ruffles in the feathers of Gawker and Techcrunch yesterday, when she dropped the f-bomb at the conference call for the profits report on the still ailing search company.

Even the headlines from these sites mentioned the 700 job losses the company would have to endure after they had mentioned the use of a swear.

Why? Well I think it’s cause she is a woman, and a woman uttering a profanity in a public place or event is still somewhat of a social dearth apparently. They obviously haven’t walked down the street behind me for any length of time.

Let’s not bother to take into account that Carol Bartz is a strong woman, who has been acknowledged throughout the industry as a CEO who can get the job done (sometimes this is even mentioned without the context of her gender), and is obviously trying to pull a company up by it’s bootstraps at a very difficult time.

Personally I could care less if she either dropped the f-bomb (means she is passionate), but the attention the baying boy media is paying to the fact that she is daring to be forthright and passionate.

Is this the day and age to be caring if a woman dares to speak out, or is this a case of the boys not liking that a woman can be strong enough to act in a ball breaking manner?

Had a boss like Bartz? Tell us about it..