Blogging for and about women working in IT

Women falling out of love with IT, Thousands of women go missing from IT, Service desk women paid less than men, Women in IT believe they are paid less than men – these are just a few of the rather depressing headlines we’ve featured on in recent months on the subject of women in the IT industry.

On the face of it, the news isn’t good. Flicking through the pages of our latest print issue, out on 3 March, for example, I counted 4 pictures of women to just under 20 of men. And that’s including the ad showing a soft-focus couple getting hot in the server room…

But it’s not all bad news. Within the industry there are plenty of women – and men – who see such headlines more as a call to action than a great big FAIL stamp. There’s the Girl Geek Dinners network; the campaigning work of Wendy Hall (made a Dame in this year’s Honours List) and the British Computer Society’s Women’s Forum, currently headed by Rebecca George; and initiatives such as Ada Lovelace Day, launching this year on 23 March.

And that’s where this blog comes in. We’ll be aiming to join our voice to the others in raising the profile of women working in the IT and computing industry and to examine the issues facing women in IT today. We hope you’ll join us!