Asikana Network puts African Women in Tech groups on the map

Zambia’s Women in Technology organisation Asikana Network has created a map of the continent’s Women in Tech organisations, projects and initiatives.


To strengthen the network of Women in Tech groups, in Africa, the project identifies sister organisations across the continent including the likes of Akira Chix in Kenya and WITU in Uganda. The Asikana Network is housed at Bongohive, Zambia’s Technology & Innovation Hub.

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“It’s extremely difficult for females in ICT to land their dream ICT jobs because it is still considered a male dominated field,” said Ella Mbewe, co-founder of the Asikana Network.


According to Mbewe to be successful, in technology, women have to work twice as hard and be extremely resilient: “We formed the Asikana Network for women facing these challenges to come together to support one another.


“We aim to change perceptions and behavior towards women in ICT and to level the playing field for those young women who come behind us. Hopefully they will not have to face the same obstacles and we will help them to succeed.”


The Network was founded last year by three Zambian women working in the ICT sector in Lasaka: Ella Mbewe, Regina Mtonga and Chisenga Muyoya.


Through the use of Ushahidi CrowdMap, an online mapping platform, created by Kenyans, finds and references African Women in Tech groups through social media and crowdsourcing.


Regina Mtonga, co-Founder, Asikana Network, said: “This is a very positive story about Africa that directly contrasts the negative stereo-typing of Africa as a continent dominated by poverty, corruption and hopelessness. The technology sector is booming in Africa and we want women’s participation to be recognised and valued.”


On why they chose to use a mapping initiative Chisenga Muyoya, co-founder said: “We think that crowd-mapping is the perfect way to make visible the wealth of women’s talent and enterprise springing up all across Africa.


“We want Women in Tech organisations out there to put themselves on the map, make themselves visible and help us to build a supportive and strong community of African Women in Technology.”


To see the map you can visit the Africa Women in Technology website here:


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