55% of industry think women 'fairly' represented in IT

The equality debate continues.

Over half of IT professionals surveyed by CWJobs.co.uk said they feel there is fair representation of women in IT.

But how is that a ‘fair’ conclusion to reach? A report earlier this year found only 23% of the UK’s IT workforce were female.

Men and women are also at loggerheads over pay. 63% of women surveyed by CWJobs.co.uk think they earn less than men but only 28% of men agree.

The Chartered Management Institute (CMI) recently found IT was the least equal sector with the average wage for male managers being £17,736 more than that of their female counterparts.

Richard Nott, website director at CWJobs.co.uk, is right when he says, “There is evidently still work to be done on tackling inequality in the industry.”

Perhaps greater industry awareness is a start – as well as a reconsideration of the definition of ‘fair’ (which is not a synonym for ‘unequal’). If the majority of the IT profession believe representation of women is fair within the industry then any drive for equality is likely to lack momentum.