iPad Aftershock

A few days ago, I went to the book launch of Philippe’s Legrain’s new book, Aftershock. It took place at the London School of Economics in a theatre where I had one of my own book launches three years ago.

Aftershock book launch

I was talking to Philippe’s publisher about an idea for a new book I am producing. I want to use Facebook to draw in a lot of social information – primary research using a social network. 
Then, I’d like to publish a regular print book, but also create an interactive book that would offer a different experience to that offered by most business and management books. Take a look at some of the ideas Penguin has been talking about here:
I don’t need to go quite that far, but think for a moment. A management or business book is usually a collection of thoughts and facts shaped into a narrative by the author. What if I could use a social network to help me organise my ideas, then I create a book format that includes all my audio and video recordings from the research I did when assembling the book together?
It would all lead to a shorter book – the text being more or an organisation of ideas, with the option to drilldown deeper into specific interviews or topics of interest. So in many chapters, a detailed exploration would be optional.
It’s feasible and I’m planning something like this now. I just need my own iPad now.

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