Xcel wetsuits surf into eBay marketing

Sometimes you hear about acts of guerilla marketing that are almost too good to be true, but they happen when someone in marketing has the guts to exploit a situation that favours them and their brand.

Take the example of this wetsuit advertised on eBay.
The advertiser wrote a pretty amusing monologue explaining why you might want to buy a used wetsuit from him – read the product description on the eBay page to understand.
This led to a lot of people sharing the link saying, “hey take a look at this crazy eBay item.”
As the numbers increased, the seller posted a note saying he would donate 90% of any cash he makes from the sale to the Red Cross to help the people of Japan affected by the earthquake and subsequent tsunami.
Now XCel, the manufacturer of the wetsuit, have contacted the seller and said that whoever wins the auction will also get a brand new wetsuit in addition to the used one – donated by them.
The seller gets a better price than he ever would have done, the Red Cross gets a nice donation because this auction is going through the roof for a used wetsuit, and Xcel get a bunch of publicity all for the cost of one donated wetsuit.
Everyone wins – it doesn’t happen very often does it?

Sea Lion jester