Vodafone and the homophobic tweets

Oh dear. What happened at Vodafone today?

Just take a look at the tweet that went up at 15:47 on the @VodafoneUK account.

“Vodafone is fed up of dirty homo’s and is going after beaver”

Twitter users immediately assumed the account had been hacked and sent messages asking what was going on. The explanation was simpler. Someone at Vodafone typed in the message – possibly as a valedictory prank as they left the office on a Friday afternoon.
Vodafone has been repeatedly apologising all afternoon. Take a look at their Twitter page at about 5pm today. Just one apology after another, informing the Twitter audience that heads are basically going to roll.
How could it happen anyway? Is security so lax at Vodafone that Twitter accounts are just left open for any drunken staff member to access? Once the apologies are over, they really should start explaining how a message like this could be broadcast from their corporate account…