Twitter to focus on small business

Twitter CEO Dick Costolo has announced this week that the system is going to offer a new self-serve location-aware advertising system for small businesses.
This is the first small step to the future of advertising. We have come a long way from the days when Google started to revolutionise ads by introducing the concept of AdWords. By making Twitter location-aware and connecting tweets to ads we are entering a new era of advertising that is not only connected to what you are searching for, but also your location.
Imagine the scene. You are on your smart phone in an unfamiliar town and you want to find the nearest Indian restaurant, or cinema, or flower shop. You tweet what you want, and within a few seconds a message comes back from a matching local business, with directions from your present location.
I saw several people complaining on Twitter last night that they were in Scotland and had no way of watching the England football match live, because all the bars there were – naturally – showing the Scotland game. If a local sports bar in Glasgow had been showing the England game and was monitoring the tweets from marooned England fans north of the border, they could have scooped up a lot of business.
That would have been possible manually, just by monitoring keywords, but imagine if you could instruct Twitter to auto-respond to certain keywords in a certain location?
People might still fear the path we are going down with location-awareness, for data protection reasons, but I believe that pragmatism will win the argument. People will find these tools so useful, they won’t mind giving out details of their location.

Merchant City