Twestival - underwhelming or ?

Whisper it quietly because it would be heresy to say in front of social media types, but were you also underwhelmed by the London Twestival? I blogged about it here yesterday, just as I was on my way to the event, full of anticipation about the fun to be had meeting old friends and making new ones.

But considering the fact that I knew loads of people who were going, I only managed to meet a small handful of them. The noisy, dark venue didn’t promote any kind of networking and being stuck under a railway bridge, there was no phone signal – so I couldn’t get in touch with anyone to find out where they were hiding.
I swapped tweets on this earlier with dr_black and it seems the conventional wisdom is that those of us who are over 30 are just too old for this kind of thing. The nightclub, the live music, the £4-a-bottle-lager. It would be boring to suggest that I actually go to a lot of live gigs in a lot of dark clubs and usually with friends, so I’m not searching in the dark for those mates.
Twestival is a great charity fundraiser. It’s a party. It’s music and karaoke and beer, but it’s easier to meet and talk to Twitter users on Twitter than underground in the dark nursing a cold Corona.

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I have to agree on the darkness of the venue - hard to see anyone. Not wishing to be negative though - great what the Twestival guys are doing for good causes - just more light please?
Thanks Nick - I agree. It's all in a good cause and it's just a fun night out, but I left feeling a bit deflated as I could hardly find anyone I was planning to chat to! They beat their target for fundraising though, so it did a lot of good...
I agree with you both. This was a great success in terms of raising money for worthy causes. But I was disappointed by the whole event. Too dark to see name badges, no mobile signal, very confused room layout all led to an unsociable atmosphere. As you say Mark, expensive booze didn't help loosen tongues and assist in networking!
Good to hear your feedback - all views are always welcome. Railway arch venues are always a challenge in terms of mobile signal and it's difficult to rectify for just one night (we faced a similar issue last year). It's why we made sure we had really great internet (thanks to MaxWifi) that was put in at very short timescales just for the night. Unfortunately London has a dearth of suitable venues of the size we need that aren't very, very expensive, and spaces in arches tend to be pretty spacious. Hoping you'll all join the volunteer team next time so you can help with finding great venues big enough to accommodate all the lovely Twestival-goers and activities, at the right price (either donated or heavily discounted). Thanks for your support on the night, the money raised for the education projects of Concern Worldwide will go a long way in communities that need it most.