Tories crowdsourcing budget response

Tomorrow is the final budget of this government, possibly of the present Labour administration if the many predictions of their demise are to believed. And what just dropped into my email, but a plea from the Conservative party to take part in the analysis of the government budget on behalf of the opposition. 
Take a look at this explanation: “Wading through all this small print ourselves is a huge job. This year we’ve decided to do something a bit different – we’re going to crowdsource our response to the Budget. Once the Budget’s out, we’ll publish it in a simple format as soon as possible so you can have a good dig into it. The Treasury has hundreds of civil servants working on all this and there’s no way we can match their resources – so it’s important for as many of you as possible to lend a hand in analysing the detail.”
It’s a great idea. People will volunteer time more easily to a political party or other association, rather than the company they have to work for, day in day out. So the party faithful get that warm fluffy feeling they are making a difference and striking at the hidden secrets of the enemy. The Conservative party gets an army of researchers ready to commit themselves to a single short-term task.
How could that kind of altruistic crowdsourcing work in the enterprise?