This is the social budget

Politics is a great example of how social media can be used by organisations. I’ve written in the past about the Obama presidential campaign and how they used support that could be multiplied through networking online, but here in the UK we are seeing first-hand what’s going to happen in our own election.

The election has not actually been called yet, but almost everyone expects an announcement just after Easter, leading to a May 6 election. So there will be a month of intense lobbying and this is the first ever UK general election where social media is going to play a part in the process of informing and disinforming.
Today we can see an example of just how important social media is going to be in this election campaign, because the government is announcing the annual budget this afternoon and it will obviously be the final budget of this government. Take a look at Twitter today. It’s alive with debate. Look at what Computer Weekly is running on their pages – live budget coverage through blogs and tweets.
The budget has largely been called in advance by the media – as always, but it’s exciting to see how much is being discussed by the online public. The election campaign will be truly exciting and more democratic as a result.