Social media week at Speed

I was at Speed Communications this morning for their contribution to social media week in London. It was a lively blast through some case studies on social media projects they had worked on for various clients… from the Cloud over 2 years ago to ongoing projects with Tesco and The Economist.

Nick Bishop of Speed speaking

It was a nice approach. Each case study was no more than 5 minutes long and the audience was seated on deck-chairs, each with a whoopee cushion – reinforcing the point that there was going to be ‘no hot air’ at the event today.

Whoopee cushion at Speed

Stephen Waddington, the Speed managing director, opened the session and set the tone for the morning by suggesting: “there is so much bullshit touted about social media in the

PR industry today…” I only heard him use the word bollocks once in his introduction, but I noticed his team on Twitter suggesting he had used it twice in the first minute or so.

So, it was a direct intro and the fast nature of the case studies meant we got a lot of good information about real social media work in a short time. Some highlights were:
  • The Cloud using Facebook to reach out to Apple fans and combining an online fan group with materials printed using the Cloud logo which were then distributed to people waiting in line for the iPhone.
  • Tesco taking a very subtle approach to social media by participating in conversations on blogs used by new mothers… using subjects like ‘what do you do if your child eats grapes before you get them weighed’ to spark off engagement.
  • The Economist only using video content on their own site until 8 months ago and now being one of the top 100 channels on YouTube, with YouTube now offering to share ad revenue with them.
  • Interoute reacting to a major Internet cable failure by getting a comment on the Telegraph tech blog, which led to print media coverage, which led to more digital coverage, eventually ending up with them being seen as the expert commentator once broadcast media started covering the story.

It was a useful morning and Speed do some decent egg and mushroom rolls!