Social media or networking?

Here is a nice and focused Forbes blog focused on the differences between social media and social networking.

It’s a distinction I often have to explain to people too, but it’s an understandable mistake.
What’s a real job for the corporate manager who wants to dip a toe into using social tools is choosing which ones are going to last. I can remember a firm I once advised using Myspace to reach out to potential recruits. Not very useful today.
But without wanting to sit bashing Myspace – which has moved into a niche area rather than just dying off – there has been an issue of sites vanishing after effort has been put into them that makes a lot of managers scared of dipping a toe into the social world until the site in question is proven.
I see this all the time. It’s still quite a big deal for many companies to consider setting up a YouTube channel. That’s four years after it became the leading video-sharing site online. And some still need convincing that a photo-sharing channel can be useful.
With management being so cautious, does it create opportunities for the daring or just hold back the entire progress of what these sites could achieve with more support?

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