Small world of social media

I have an HTC Desire phone. It’s a great phone, but the battery life is not so good when doing a lot of work online and the internal memory is woefully poor – I’m always bumping up against the limit of what I can store and having to juggle apps between the phone and SDHC card.

I don’t claim to understand all the tips and tricks of the various gadgets I own, but that’s one of the wonders of the Internet – all the collective knowledge of the world is out there and Google has indexed it all. Except that sometimes the collective knowledge of everyone can be a bit much to wade through when you have a specific problem – like how do I get more internal memory on an HTC Desire?
The other day, I start googling some of these questions. I found a really useful site, Phone Tips and Tricks, and it answered a lot of what I needed – and all free.
Then after I mentioned it online, a personal friend of mine pasted on my Facebook, “I see you’ve found my site then!’
It turns out that a friend of mine had started the site and I had found it without him even recommending it personally!
This is of course a mention of his site, and therefore something of a soft sell, but it intrigued me to find that I discovered a useful site, managed by a friend, without being aware that he was running it… perhaps he had been too quiet about it on Facebook earlier on?
None the less, he just started a blog that aims to explore some of the more geek-inspired problems of phone use. You can check it out here.

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