Shame on Lord Alan Sugar

Lord Sugar. What happened? Do you really need to promote your book and TV series so much that you would even tweet during the national 2-minute silence to remember the war dead?

Lord Sugar Tweets during 2-min silence

Didn’t you see my last blog post on this? So if you are doing this personally then maybe your watch was wrong, but if you are paying PR people to run your twitter feed then I think you should give them a call to say “you’re fired!”

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I find it amazing that the sum total of an apology was "Just out of a meeting: Why would I tweet at 10.59 'no tweets for 2 mins' and then tweet straight after, obviously a tech glitch looking into" So does "obviously a tech glitch" make this ok? You were in charge of the bladdy Twitter task @Lord_Sugar and it went wrong, its that simple.... Apologies and admission of mistakes obviously don't come easy for millionaire lords and for a man with so many years experience in the world of computers, I would think he may have realised that they only do what they are asked and blaming an error on a "tech glitch" is a good way of covering up sloppy work.