Is it only Indian tech firms that are useless with social media?

It’s interesting to see this post by Vishal Gondal on the NASSCOM website. NASSCOM is the hi-tech trade association in India and basically represents all the tech firms you hear about when big contracts head off in that direction.

Vishal suggested that almost all the Indian IT suppliers are hopeless when it comes to using social media. He even lists examples, such as TCS listing an entire investor call on Twitter, or the fact that none of the major firms there uses tools like Linked In for recruitment.
As you can imagine, Indian tech workers with bruised egos started commenting on the post. And it was a harsh post, but entirely fair. Most of the Indian tech firms really don’t understand social media, and posting your results online using Twitter is not the answer. Who does that engage?
Perhaps the bigger question is, how many B2B technology suppliers really do engage well with their customers, prospects, analysts, journalists, advisors, consultants, and students all through social media. A lot of B2B firms are still asking the question ‘why do we actually need to engage’… I’ve got a few in mind that are not bad, but I’d appreciate some ideas.

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I have been using twitter and i can agree to your argument. Indeed most of the IT companies dont hv twitter presence, with presence i mean that they are not engaging users...!! Even if see some auto companies (of india), they also have profiles on similar lines, you can see many profiles of Maruti cars, be it SX4,alto etc.....!! Instead of IT compnies,i see other companies like Shaadidotcom, and other news servies like headlinestoday regularly talk to their customers......which u can say in a way they r tryin to engage in potential customes. U can view my profile ~ @akhilsethi