Is IM dead?

If these stats from the UK are to be believed, Instant Messaging is all but dead. But why?

The author of that particular report cites Twitter and Skype as two major IM-killers. I’d agree that Twitter is certainly partially responsible.
I used to use IM a lot to stay in touch with people, but Twitter now fulfils that need and allows a one-to-many communication model that is impossible with IM. It also works seamlessly with my phone, so I can use text messages to update my Twitter account – even if I have no 3G signal that would allow me to get on a browser.
But IM remains useful within the enterprise. The value proposition of being able to see who is online and at their desk and being able to quickly exchange information without needing to call or email is still valuable.
So even though we may be seeing the death of Yahoo Messenger, MSN chat (or live HotMail or whatever they call it these days), Google chat, ICQ… etc…etc… it’s likely that IM in the workplace is going to remain as an important communication tool.

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Long live Messenger et al for those mere mortals who don't have fancy i-phones :-)