How can a charity use Twitter?

When I’m trying to explain to companies how they can make Twitter work for them, I often point to the kind of people using Twitter already:

  • Business journalists
  • Technology journalists
  • Specific trade or industry journalists
  • Business bloggers
  • Analysts… the Gartners, Ovums, and Forresters of the world
  • Consultants and advisors… the KPMGs and PA Consulting type firms

When I show companies thinking about getting online the kind of people using Twitter as a tool for business debate it’s usually quite easy to convince them that they need to be a part of the debate. Most firms will already have a PR function that reaches out to journalists, but Twitter is far more direct and journalists tend to prefer direct contact – if it is valuable – because press releases are generally quite boring.
But what about a charity?
If you have to add lobbying, policy research, and fund raising into the mix then who else do you think is important to reach out to?

Waitrose charity

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