Green outcomes from the Ealing tweetup

A few weeks ago, I organised a tweetup in Ealing. It was essentially a gathering of people who use Twitter to have some dinner and drinks. It was all fairly random and just organised on Twitter – for the people who live in west London to actually see each other in person.
I thought it would be worth uploading a couple of videos here from a meeting I had yesterday though. Sumir Karayi is the Chief Executive of a firm called 1E – they focus on software and systems that help to save power, creating more efficient IT systems. He came along to the Tweetup in Ealing, and he even paid for some of the bar bill.
As I had mentioned yesterday on this blog, when talking about the people who are actually out there online using Twitter, you can make some very good connections if you take the time to listen to the online conversation. 
In this video, Sumir talked to me about the Carbon Trust, the Carbon Reduction Commitment, and the cloud…
In this video, Sumir talks to me about power management, why it’s not already built into operating systems, and how IT departments in offices are changing…

It was great to run into Sumir at the tweetup and an example of the kind of connections that can be made through entering into specific conversations online. We are now talking about ideas for another tweetup in London that will involve an orchestra and raising significant money for charity… More on that when I arrange it!