Going Viral

I’ve heard a lot of companies talk about their desire to create a viral video – a piece of content that connects with people to the extent that they just want to share it immediately. It’s very hard to achieve. 

Think about it, how many videos have you seen on YouTube today that you just had to immediately tell all your friends about. Maybe you have done that for a film trailer, or a music video, but an advert for a company?
Most of the best examples are related to consumer products, but it’s not usually the product itself that is the reason the video goes viral. Take a look at the amazing Coke ‘Happiness’ video and you can see that it’s the reaction of the people – not the Coke itself – that makes the video worth watching and sharing.
One of my personal favourites is the Danny MacAskill cycling video from last year. He was a guy working in a bike store and he asked his mate to film some tricks as he went around Edinburgh on a bike. It’s like a cyling version of Parkour, and Danny ended up becoming a pro rider thanks to the video.
There is a great interview on Mashable here about the story behind the Coke Happiness video. It just goes to show that you don’t need a huge budget, or a PR machine telling the world about the film you made. You just need imagination.