Facebook is going places

I’m quite enjoying Facebook Places on my Android phone.
One of the common status updates on Facebook is that I’m here or there or doing something in a particular place, so the additional functionality makes it easy to just mention a specific location.
I admit, there still seems to be only a minimal purpose of location references at present. I don’t meet many people who publish their location in realtime using tools such as Google Latitude – there does not seem to be much of an appetite for revealing your location all the time, but FourSquare has started to change that.
Unfortunately for FourSquare, there still doesn’t seem to be a clear business model for all this location based information. Yes, it’s clear that venues might pay in future for real-time advertising, or even preferential location-based search results, but it’s not really common yet – we are still just using these tools to let friends know what we are up to.
And even worse for FourSquare, if Facebook integrates all the good things they have achieved into their own platform – with 500m users – then will anyone continue using their FourSquare account?
Location based tools are certainly going to change advertising and real-time marketing, but it will take a little while yet. However, with Facebook now charging down this avenue we are all going to get there a little bit faster.

Facebook Places